Proven expertise in the market

Our vast and specialized expertise allows us to foresee market evolutions and timely prepare for change, providing exclusive and customized services to all suppliers wishing to access the Algerian Market.

Regulatory approval

Biothéra takes care of your registration dossiers in order to obtain the approval of MSPRH of Algeria.


Thanks to our sales force, we ensure the distribution of your products in the Algerian Market.

Contact us

For more information please contact us via the email address above or via the page Contact

Why Biothera ?

Thanks to a well balanced merge of experienced professionals, Biothera healthcare owns the competences necessary to achieve its commitments, which are carefully defined according to a customized market analysis performed together with each client.

Our proven dedication and strict code of conduct obliges us, in all our engagements, to always try to go beyond our ability and to simply give the best of ourselves. Biothera healthcare always puts Customer Satisfaction on top of its priorities.

About us

photoBiothera healthcare is a company incorporated under Algerian law SARL, from the merger of two companies DIAGNOSE is specialized in importing and distributing medical reagents and medical devices operating under an agreement of the Algerian Ministry of Health. and VALLIANC… Read more

Our mission

  • Providing access for biopharmaceuticals in the Algerian market.

We aim to allow the access of high quality and affordable biopharmaceuticals into the Algerian market, in order to satisfy the national demand and to allow a successful market diversification to suppliers.

  • Customized services

We believe that our customized services will meet our partners expectations, optimizing their portfolio and providing solutions to the most insidious challenges.

  • Ensure the introduction of your biopharmaceuticals in the Algerian market

We will offer our expertise to convey a positive image of our clients and to make them well-known among health professionals, pharmaceutical competent authorities and the entire public.


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    Biothera healthcare is based on the synergy of two specialized companies, namely ….
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    Specializing in the import and distribution of medical devices and medical reagents. and …
  • ”Valliance”

    Offers a range of exclusive business solutions to help manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals.
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